trails & tribulations

by Jakob

The rain is pouring from the sky, it’s clearly: it’s the rain-season in Thailand.
Together with Henry and Sabine we try to entertain ourselfs on the cozy balcony of the Nature View Guesthouse. It looks like the weather in the coming days remains this way, but anyway, the rainy season has its advantages: everything is much cheaper than in the high season and I think it’s also okay not to be run down by tourists.
Henry, however, decide to move to another place on his moped, he left the southeastern coast of Thailand, actually I felt quite pity about it, because in a short time I learned to know Henry as a very nice, cozy and cheerful person.

A few days later the weather clears reasonable and it’s time to do some action: with my Krabi-period travel mate, Sabine, we take a longtail boat to the four islands close to Krabi. The trip is ridiculous cheap and you really get value for money, less than 15 euros for a whole day including a meal.
The same goes for renting a motor scooter: about 7 euros for a whole day. On the scooter we have visited the highlights of Krabi and surroundings, such as hot springs and the many different beaches.
Krabi, I had a great time here, but after 3 weeks it was time for something different and bought a train ticket to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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