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Rendez-vous de Paris

I just stepped out of the bus, and I hope I got out at the correct terminal because I could not get any clarity through my ticket. At the airport it doesn’t get much clearer: the only thing I see are arrival-boards. Turns out that I have to cross the road, than going upstairs and […]

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My body clock is apparently slightly upset: I wake up a little late, almost to late. I look at my watch and a little startled I see that I’ve only 20 minutes left for the bus to Nice. I dress as fast as possible, roughly fill my backpack and in a light trot I rush […]

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“Do you have a cheap room?”, I ask the lady behind the counter of a cheap looking hotel.” 40 euros, with private shower, toilet” answers the lady.” Oops, that’s quite expensive”, I think, I thank her kindly and continuing looking.

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“I see you are well prepared” says the steward of Air Malaysia to me with a friendly smile when I thanked him while I leave the plane. He points to my down jacket. On the way to my backpack and the customs for my visa I feel uncomfortable: inside it feels allready cold and chilly, […]

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Impression of Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia and about the half of the 2.5 million population of Mongolia live here, often even in yurts. The city traffic is chaotic: cars find their way often honking and it looks like it’s a matter of taking higher priority to get forward. This also applies to pedestrians, if you […]

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Sorry, nog steeds alleen in ‘t Engels …. Some info about this area: The word “wad” or ‘wadden’ is commondly used when the Wadden Sea area is ment and this area reaches along the hard coast from Den Helder in the Netherlands, along the German coast to Esbjerg in Denmark. The area consists of 50 […]

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Katmandhu, Sun-Kosi rivier en Annapurna-trail

(Sorry, alleen in ‘t Engels … ) Back in the nineties we, a group of kayakkers and rafters, went to Nepal for a lifetime experience and it worked out that way: for sure i want to go there again. I love Nepal, the adventures-image, the culture, the mountains, the small villages, the capital city Kathmandu, […]

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