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Rendez-vous de Paris

I just stepped out of the bus, and I hope I got out at the correct terminal because I could not get any clarity through my ticket. At the airport it doesn’t get much clearer: the only thing I see are arrival-boards. Turns out that I have to cross the road, than going upstairs and […]

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the Mercantour, peaks and valleys

To the south-face The next day, again early in the morning, we start our hike, the sun is shining and happily my knee feels good again. We decided to take on the southern slopes of the mountains, where the sky bluer, the temperature higher and hardly no snow on the route: it almost starts to […]

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Mercantour, Alpi Marittime

I try to scratch some snow out of my shoe during a moment of rest on a steep and snowy mountainside. avoiding to put to much pressure on my right knee. Some distance back my left foot slid away when I took a big step on a steap slope and my right knee hit a […]

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My body clock is apparently slightly upset: I wake up a little late, almost to late. I look at my watch and a little startled I see that I’ve only 20 minutes left for the bus to Nice. I dress as fast as possible, roughly fill my backpack and in a light trot I rush […]

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“Do you have a cheap room?”, I ask the lady behind the counter of a cheap looking hotel.” 40 euros, with private shower, toilet” answers the lady.” Oops, that’s quite expensive”, I think, I thank her kindly and continuing looking.

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Malakka, Malaysia

The steward in the bus calls “Malaka, old Town!” Malaka, the old center of the city is on the World Heritage List and by hearsay it must be all very interesting. The old medieval monuments, mostly build by Dutch settlers are quite nice, at first look they don’t look so old, perhaps because the buildings […]

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Phnom Penh

From within the bus I watch the landscape of Cambodia: very flat, many rice fields, houses on high stilts, it all looks green and friendly. The majority of the ride is on a well maintained or perhaps new road, only the last part of the journey is on a unpaved road and the clouds of […]

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The ruins of Angkor, Cambodia

The 4000 islands in Laos are beautiful, but four days being lazy is a bit too much for me, so I decided to take a bus to Siem Reap in Cambodia. A longtail-boat would pick me up at for about 8 o’clock in the morning to bring me to the main-land. In Laos everything goes […]

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Laos (the 4000 Islands)

After a long train ride, with a few stopovers in Hat Yai and Bangkok, I arrived in Nong Kkai, a border town near Vientiane in Laos. With a group of fellow travelers we took a Tuk Tuk to the border for our ‘visa on arrival’.

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Back in KL, feels like home, but still getting lost

I don’t know what went wrong, but I booked a ticket to Hatyai in Thailand, but my luggage was checked out in Kuala Lumpur and to get my luggage back I first had to check myself in Malaysia again. When I got my luggage I didn’t have much time left, “what the heck”, I thought. […]

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I love these animals. Not only because they eat the mosquitos but they are also quite funny to observe. They have become a bit of my mascot.

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Silimalombu, Lake Toba, Sumatra (again)

After a brief stopover in Kuala Lumpur I arrived in Medan, the capital of Sumatra. From the airport I walked to my guesthouse, the same guesthouse I had a year ago. It felt like I was here yesterday and at the same time I felt amazed to be back here. I bought some snacks at […]

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Sabah, Borneo Malaysia

Kota Kinalabu … op een of andere manier had ik het mij heel anders voorgesteld (overigens niet in negatieve zin): ik had van te voren weinig informatie ingewonnen over deze stad en omgeving, ik had alleen van andere reizigers gehoord dat de eilanden vlakbij fantastisch mooi zijn, waar je geweldig kunt duiken etc. Kortom: klonk […]

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After a long night on the train I arrived in Kuala Lumpur Central Station and bought a metro ticket to China-Town, there should be numerous guesthouses and hostels.

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Leh, Ladakh, India

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