trails & tribulations

by Jakob

(Sorry, alleen in ‘t Engels … )

Back in the nineties we, a group of kayakkers and rafters, went to Nepal for a lifetime experience and it worked out that way: for sure i want to go there again. I love Nepal, the adventures-image, the culture, the mountains, the small villages, the capital city Kathmandu, and so on. When i think of Kathmandu i almost smell the incense.
Before we headed to the Sun Kosi river, we first stayed a week or so in Kathmandu to acclimatize and experience the city: tasted the international food (quiche, pizza’s, etc), hired a bike, took riksja’s, walked a lot, visited Bhaktapur, shopped for souvenirs and t-shirts, and so on.

Our kayak/raft trip started close to Kathmandu on the Sun Kosi river.
The river itself isn’t all the way a wild rapid, happely, mostly you can drift quiet and sightsee the area around, but there are serious rapids and i “enjoyed” one when my kayak was continuously sucked down under and stayed there, even when i got rid of my kayak the rapid wouldn’t let me go.
It really was an anxious moment, felt completely helpless, held me in its grip, don’t know how long this moment took, but even when it was for only a minute, it’s still a long time in such a situation, but happily and completely unexpected the river spit me out. It was time for a little break.

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