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by Jakob

I don’t know what went wrong, but I booked a ticket to Hatyai in Thailand, but my luggage was checked out in Kuala Lumpur and to get my luggage back I first had to check myself in Malaysia again. When I got my luggage I didn’t have much time left, “what the heck”, I thought. I decided to stay in Malaysia again for a while and bought a very cheap busticket to KL.

A nightwalk through KL

I was here before and when I arrived in the central station it was allready passed midnight and there where no MRT’s anymore to bring me to Chinatown. I decided to walk, it’s not far, must be for about a 20 minutes walk. After half an hour I became slightly in doubt: I didn’t recognize the surroundings, but bevertheless I continued. Some time later I was sure: I took the wrong direction, probably I was desorientated when I came out of the station. But, I didn’t care: the tropical warmth of the night and a alcoholic drink from a friendly, but slightly drunk, guy made me feel oke.

Finding the oasis

Early in the morning I arrived in Chinatown and I checked several guesthouses, but they all seemed to be quite expensive, untill a guy on a motercycle stopped and asked: “looking for a guesthouse?”. He gave me a business card and indeed I went to that place. It was a very good choise, it turned out to be the best place I stayed: cheap. reasonable cheap, including breakfast, very cosy and last and probably best: a very nice staff.

Thank you Oasis Guesthouse!!

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