trails & tribulations

by Jakob

After a long night on the train I arrived in Kuala Lumpur Central Station and bought a metro ticket to China-Town, there should be numerous guesthouses and hostels.

I chose the Backpackers Travellers Inn, cheap, but otherwise nothing special. The city surprised me: modern, clean, a diverse population, impressive skyscrapers a.s.o..
A visit to the Petronas Towers was a little too expensive, so I decided to visit Kuala Lumpur Tower and to my surprise, there was an international competition of basejumping taken place. Sometimes it looked quite scary to see: how low sum some jumpers opened their parachute , should anything go wrong, there is absolutely no time for your backup chute. My jumps in the past consisted only of jumping out of airplanes, where you have plenty of time left in caseyour main-parachute fails. Anyhow: respect!

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