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During my stay in Jakarta with my friends Bram and Ivon we went a weekend to Bandung and its surroundings. Bandung is quite a big city where many colonial landmarks have been preserved. The Bragaweg (Jalan Braga) in the center of Bandung is the best kept shopping / entertainment street in Art Deco style in the world and it’s a pretty good stay here. To find a hotel or guesthouse located in the heart of Bandung’s is no problem, there are for about 250 hotels on this place. Plenty of restaurants too and probably they served all good food, so we took the first restaurant we encountered: it turned out to be a very good choice.

Bram en Yvonne

The next day we went to the Tangkuban Prahu volcano.
The 1830 meters high volcano is located 29 km north of Bandung, and is the most visited volcano (there are more) of West Java.
Although the volcano hasn’t had a serious eruption for many years, it still spewing huge amounts of sulfur-containing gases.
Around the main crater, Kawah Ratu, a walking tour can be made, but to get around you have to make a steep climb halfway, we had no plans to do that so we went back halfway.

Perahu vulcano

The Perahu volcano 30 km north of Bandung is a dormant volcano, last erupted in 1983 … not that long ago …

it must be healthy such a mudbath … at least I finally can wash my feet thoroughly

In the Domas Crater, a little further on, there are numerous hot springs and I took the opportunity to take a mud bath, good for your body.
Just after we had left on our way to Jakarta, a cloudburst delayed our journey. Huge amounts of water flowed down through the roads and we had to drive very slowly for several hours. More than seven hours later we were back in Jakarta ….

2 thoughts on “Bandung and Tangkuban Prahu volcano

  1. Bram says:

    Hi Jakob, Was good to meet you here in Jakarta as well. Trust you had a great time in Sumatra. Looking forward to read more about your adventures there. Have fun

    1. jakob says:

      Hi Bram,
      I really had a very good in Indonesia and Sumatra in particular, so I decide to back to Indonesia as soon as possible.
      Thanks again for your hospitality and see you in Holland if your project is finished.
      Many greetings from Holland!

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