trails & tribulations

by Jakob

With our backpacks packed we (Tomer, Vincent and I) leave our guesthouse in Leh. We intend to have a few days trekking in the mountains, but have no idea where to go. In a restaurant, where we have our breakfast, a familiar person ask us where we are going and if our answer remains in limbo, he soon tips us where to go. So, our destination will be north of the Markay-valley.
After breakfast we take a taxi to the place Chingzang where we will spend the night in a homestay.
On a campsite in Chingzang, where we enjoyed an alcoholic beverage, we meet Freya and Gil.

The next day we start our trek with a group of five people:

“Jullay” is the universal greeting you’ll hear throughout Ladakh. It means hello, good-bye, please, thank you, good morning, good night. So, with only one word you can say a lot!

a river to cross

On top of a mountain-pass

another river to cross


instead of walking back, we could take a raft, and had to swim too when the raft flipped over …

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