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by Jakob

I just stepped out of the bus, and I hope I got out at the correct terminal because I could not get any clarity through my ticket.
At the airport it doesn’t get much clearer: the only thing I see are arrival-boards. Turns out that I have to cross the road, than going upstairs and walk through a pedestrian flyover to get at the departures …. hmmmm, bit sketchy … but at least I found the correct terminal, nice.

I wait a while for the checkin and I’m going outside for a while for maintaining my smoking addiction. While smoking and enjoying the beautiful weather I think of the recent great meetings in the hostel where I stayed last night.
It was a great Hostel, not only because it was relatively cheap, but mainly because of the very friendly managers, the nice guests and I’ve to mention the hostels courtyard, a nice place to socialize with other guests in combination with with a little alcohol 🙂
When it’s really getting time I go to the checkin and not much later I’m in the plane en route to Paris. Flying … it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve done this, I still love it!

arrived in Paris I call Lydia by phone. We agreed to meet in front of Anthony-station where she will pick me up by car.
I’m surprised how short by Anthony is and after a short while I’m arrived at her home where I socialize with her friends who are playing the game Petanque while drinking beer for a better directional sense ..

In short: a nice welcome and for the rest of the evening the atmosphere was supplemented with more beer and lots of cheese in many flavors and fragrances.

The next day I will go on my own to Paris and hope to see some of the city highlights. I might get it quite busy if I indeed want to see all of Paris attractions in this short day.

It was late last night, but this morning I forced myself to get out in time and I’m now in the train to the center of Paris, on my way to the first highlight, the Notre Dame.

Oh well, the Notre Dame is getting a renovation and is not accessible … how sad for me … but hey, at least now I’ve more time for the other attractions.

I have to get used to the subway system, it’s confusing for me, but a Gendarmerie is really friendly to truthfully answer my question “How do I get to …?”.
It’s funny that a bit later a stressed tourists ask me if I know a particular subway line. I feel a little proud that I indeed could help them out … I’m starting to feel like a Parisien 🙂

Nevertheless, probably you can see that I’m a foreigner, because several times nice people start speaking in English I nice lady asks me if I want to sign a petition. When I look at the list, I see that you give your signature to give money … I’m not in for this and thank here kindly for this disguised begging … but it’s quite refined, thats true …

In a relatively short period I visit the Sacre Couur, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, and to be honest I was quite impressed by this giant steel icon of Paris.

The self-guided-tourists-day is done and with the metro and train I’m going back to Anthony.

Tomorrow I will be in the bus of the Eurolines, back to home, too bad, because I often feel more at home when I’m on the road.
The evening and night – because before I went to my bed, it was nearly four o’clock in the morning – was very nice: a lot of Lydia’s and Arnaud’s friends were visiting and the evening/night was further accompanied with drinks, snacks and amusements, such as playing darts.

Merci beaucoup Lydia!

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