trails & tribulations

by Jakob

My body clock is apparently slightly upset: I wake up a little late, almost to late. I look at my watch and a little startled I see that I’ve only 20 minutes left for the bus to Nice. I dress as fast as possible, roughly fill my backpack and in a light trot I rush to the station, which fortunately is not too far.
Happily the bus is still there and I’ve even a moment for my smoking addiction.

About 4 hours later the bus arrives in Nice, where I will have a rendez-vous with Walter, leastwise, at the bus station where we agreed to meet I don’t see Walter, it appeared that there is also a busstop with the same name as the station . Fortunately the busstop is not too far away and a little later we finally meetup. There is still plenty of time before the bus leaves for the Mercantour, unfortunately too little time for me to see the city of Nice, but on my way back I’ll probably have the opportunaty to see the city (edit: so the pictures of Nice here are made when I came back here).
Near the station we find a nice terrace where we settled down for a drink, while waiting for the bus.

It costs only 1.50 euro for the ride of approximately two hours to the Mercantour, incredibly, this seems like asian prices. Perhaps this price is possible in cutting down on maintenance, because on the way we had to change to another bus due to a technical failure, nevertheless we were quite on our “track” when we arrived at our destination in the end of the afternoon, where we soon found a campsite for the night. Tomorrow the real work begins, hiking through the mountains of the Mercantour, staying the nights somewhere in the mountains, i.m.h.u. much better than paid campsites.

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