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“Do you have a cheap room?”, I ask the lady behind the counter of a cheap looking hotel.” 40 euros, with private shower, toilet” answers the lady.” Oops, that’s quite expensive”, I think, I thank her kindly and continuing looking.

the bus that took me from Amsterdam to Marseille

the bus that took me from Amsterdam to Marseille

Moments later I find a room in the city-center for 25 euro and almost immediately I go for a short sleep, because I’m quite tired after the journey of 20 hours in a Eurolines bus from Amsterdam.
Tomorrow I’m heading to Nice to get another bus from there to the Mercantour, where I go hiking with a small group, but first I want to experience some culture in Marseille and Nice.

After my “power nap” I go for a walk in the city, just to have a look around and to score a meal.
A meal was quickly found, well … meal, a quick bite more: a kind of pancake filled with chicken and vegetables. After my dinner I get a little nightcap in a cafe, where I look apparently interesting with my hiking pants: “do you come from your work?”, ask the lady behind the counter, because she thinks I still have my work pants on. No, I reply, and in my best French I tell here that these are hiking pants and try to explain her what the purpose of it is.

Two beers is mostly enough for me, three a bit over the top, especially after the long bus ride and my quick bite, but the beers actually feel pretty good and with a light-hearted feeling I walk further and arrive at the harbor, where on the quay the atmosphere become enlivened by a group of street singers, with some audiences practicing their dancing skills, a great scene against the backdrop of the harbor and the setting sun.

Back in my hotel room I quickly go to my bed, the windows open for some fresh air … only a pity that also mosquitoes come along with the fresh air, they kept me awake for almost half the night …

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