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by Jakob

I try to scratch some snow out of my shoe during a moment of rest on a steep and snowy mountainside. avoiding to put to much pressure on my right knee. Some distance back my left foot slid away when I took a big step on a steap slope and my right knee hit a rock quite hard, painful … and it still hurts. Walter is at the bottom of the slope looking around for maybe a better way to cross the mountain pass.

We actually had not counted on so much snow, but I have to admit they had warned us for that, by which I still had something like: it will not be so bad. So that’s why I’m now in my short trouser, while I am getting some doubts halfway on the steap and snowy mountainside.

I’m struggling not to slip on the snow and head for a snowfree, but with rocks and stones covered piece of mountainside. This turned out not to be a good idea as wel: as soon as I set foot on one of the stones many loose rocks and boulders started to slide spontaneously, so I hurried back to the snowy slope. Without crampons it’s just impossible to cross the pass and we decided to turn back and walk later via a flanking movement to the other side of the mountain.

As we walk down it starts snowing slightly, a little later it turns into rain … than a lot of rain. The plan to walk as much as possible to catch up our lost time we let loose when we encountered a kind of goat stall. The with goat droppings covered floor doesn’t look very inviting and in normally circumstances it’not really an option to have a shelter, but for this moment it’s an good place to shelter and to dry. Some moments later it’s getting even better as Walter takes a bottle of pastis out of his backpack … a little alcohol at such a moment is quite okay!

4 thoughts on “Mercantour, Alpi Marittime

  1. Walter says:

    Hey Jakob,
    mooi stukje heb je er over geschreven! Het was inderdaad een indrukwekkend mooie tocht. Erg genoten. Enne… we hebben nog een stukje tegoed he, van de Mercantour!

    1. Jakob says:

      deel 2 is onderweg Walter!

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