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Sorry, nog steeds alleen in ‘t Engels ….

Some info about this area:

The word “wad” or ‘wadden’ is commondly used when the Wadden Sea area is ment and this area reaches along the hard coast from Den Helder in the Netherlands, along the German coast to Esbjerg in Denmark. The area consists of 50 Islands. Although this area is called the Wadden Sea, it is in fact a mud or sand flat, that is flooded twice a day by the tide.

So it’s possible to walk from the mainland to one of the islands, but must be led by a guide. In case you don’t want to get mudded you better take the boat….

The easiest way to get there is by taking a ferry from den Helder to Texel. To me Texel is rather common if you compare it with the dutch mainland, so for me it’s more attractive to travel on to Vlieland. You can get there by goiing to the north of Texel, where you can take the boat (owned by a guy that was formally a beachcomber) to the small island of Vlieland. Vlieland is much more my “thing”: much more authentic, no cars (with some exceptions). good camping facilities, and so on.

Oerol festival on Terschelling
If you have the change and you are cultural minded get to Terschelling, the next island close to Vlieland.
The Oerol festival is an annual 10 day location theatre and landscape art festival on the island of Terschelling. The island serves as a source of inspiration and as a stage for the expansive programming that characterises the Oerol festival with its innovative artistic profile in which culture, nature and experimentation vie for the centre stage.

On Oerol nature is combined with theatre, music, the arts, installations and street theatre in order to celebrate the nature and culture of Terschelling in all aspects of the festival.

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5 thoughts on “eilandhoppen

  1. “Oost-west, thuis best”

    Nice travel destination!

    Hans Kortlevers

    1. jakob says:

      dag Hans,
      zo te zien is je weblog redelijk nieuw, al veel reizen gemaakt? (i.o.w.: would love to read about it!)
      groet, Jaap

  2. Teresa says:

    I have always wanted to do this! When is the best time for it?

    1. jakob says:

      Hi Teresa,
      I’m pleased to answer: if you want to avoid the overcrowded campings/hostels or whatever it’s better to go in the early or late season, june (or earlier) or september (or later). If you want to walk over the vliehors (the big sandy coastel area of vlieland with the “drenkelingenhuisje” in the middle), it’s only possible in the weekends because it’s a shootingrange of the airforce during the week.
      So I think the best time to do this, if you also want to see the Oeral festival, is in june.

      1. Teresa says:

        Oh wow! That is absolutely fascinating; I was last in The Netherlands in September. I wish I had done it then, but that is okay; I am always visiting ther! Thanks!

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