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by Jakob

To the south-face

The next day, again early in the morning, we start our hike, the sun is shining and happily my knee feels good again.
We decided to take on the southern slopes of the mountains, where the sky bluer, the temperature higher and hardly no snow on the route: it almost starts to look like a vacation.

Although we do take it easy, yet we make quite reasonable distances, if everything goes well we still can make it in time for our rendez-vous with Alexandra and Erica, who will join us halfway through the hike.
It is a good choice to take the southern slopes: it feels a lot more comfortable to walk there and to be able to sit outside of your tent in the evening, around a campfire.

Rendez vous

A few days later: we are now with four of us and back to the point where we started a few days ago. Locals told us it would be very difficult, if not impossible to cross a mountain pass; we decided not to give it a try and went back to Saint Martin Vesubie to meet up Alex and Erica.

up and down

The weather is truly beautiful, and now as a group we are back on path, almost unimaginable that a small distance away there is still so much snow, but for now it’s all fine and we’ll see what will come, at least that’s my approach.

Alex and Erica bringing a lot of enthiousiasme with them, and I really would like to share in there enthusiasm.
But I miss the tropics, the Asian culture, the travelers, the other adventure. It feels like homesick. The mountains, the snow, camping, cooking on fire, it’s all very nice, but actually I should be doing something else, namely make money, and I would like to do something else: returning to the tropics ….

We stand at a beautiful spot high in the mountains, near a deserted dilapidated hut. It reminds us of the hut a few years back at the Tour de Mont Blanc, where we feasted on our Ricard we found there. However, the wine that we found here was no longer fit for consumption. Nevertheless, the evening was cozy as before, around the campfire, with Walter sharing his last stash of Ricard with the group.

Back to Nice

Unfortunately, I have to end the hike earlier, back to civilization, back to Nice to take the plane to Paris, where I will agreed to visit a travel companion, who I met a few months ago in Sumatra, and to be honest I feel quite delighted about the coming up meeting …
We separate our ways and at a rapid rate I walk to the nearest village where I’ll take the bus to Nice.

Walter, Alexandra and Erica, thanks and until the next time!

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