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by Jakob

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My name is Jakob, originated from Holland.

I wanted to have a place I could write on from somewhere, so I created this site. It’s the notebook of my travels. It’s about the people I meet on the road, the things I do and where I go, seeing different cultures and wandering about. It’s what I want to document and write about, to share what’s up and to keep the memories. I hope you will enjoy!


On a Royal Enfield in Leh (Ladakh), India

Places I’ve been:

Around and in The Caribian:

Aruba, Curacau, Bonaire, Santa Lucia, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten, Saint Thomas, Saint Croix, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Costa Rica, Colombia.


New Orleans, Miami, Washington, New York, Badlands.


Halifax, Toronto, Niagara Falls


Andorrra, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Gibraltar, Poland, Swiss, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, Turkije, Russia


India, Bangladesh, Cambodja, China, Filipijnen, Hong Kong, Indonesia (Java, Sumatra), Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Russia, Singapore, Thailand

Australia & Pacific:

Goldcoast, Fiji Islands

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