Info-banner for the header

function add_header_banner_admin_page(){
	add_menu_page('Banner','Banner', 'manage_options', 'header-banner-admin-page', 'header_banner_admin_page', '', 10);

function header_banner_admin_page(){
	<div class='wrap'> 
	<h2>Header Banner Page</h2>
	<form method='post'>
		wp_nonce_field('header_banner_nonce_action', 'header_banner_nonce_field');
		$content = get_option('special_content');
		//wp_editor( $content, 'special_content' );
		wp_editor( stripslashes( $content ), strtolower('special_content') );
		submit_button('Save', 'primary');
	</div><!-- .wrap -->

function save_add_header_banner_menu_page(){
	// check the nonce, update the option etc...
	if( isset($_POST['header_banner_nonce_field']) && check_admin_referer('header_banner_nonce_action', 'header_banner_nonce_field')){
			update_option('special_content', $_POST['special_content']);

add_action('admin_menu', 'add_header_banner_admin_page');
add_action('admin_init', 'save_add_header_banner_menu_page', 10);

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