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Custom settings embedded Vimeo

Place the following function in your WordPress functions.php and the Vimeo settings will be set to HQ function custom_vimeo_settings($code){ if(strpos($code, ‘’) !== false) { $return…

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Dev-tools I work with

Tools: Manjaro Linux Gimp Sublime Text Poedit ftp/ssh Technics and libraries: HTML5 PHP CSS3 Vanilla javascript Sass Jquery.js React.js Platforms: WordPress Pimpernel (my self-made php…

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speed up wp_query with pre_get_posts

// in functions.php function my_post_queries( $query ) { // do not alter the query on wp-admin pages and only alter it if it’s the main…

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opens pdf in new tab

Add this to functions.php and a pdf will open in a new tab // opens pdf in new tab function modify_attachment_link($markup) { return preg_replace(‘/^]+)>(.*)$/’, ‘2’,…

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